Best selling author and speaker Byron Katie in Vienna

Best selling author and speaker Byron Katie in Vienna

Yes, Byron Katie, bestselling author and speaker, just came to Vienna/Austria to do a 2 day workshop. I was really looking forward to this event especially since Vienna was the only European city where she did a 2 day workshop. She will be also traveling to other cities in Europe such as Amsterdam and Paris, but there she will be only doing short evening events.

It was really interesting as I was planning to spend some time in the US to meet up with some people, do some networking and learn from the best speakers, trainers and coaches. In my opinion the US is still leading in this regard, especially as people tend to be more willing to share. On top of this, the culture of failure is so much more differently perceived than in Europe. Before I could dig deeper into this matter, I found out that teachers and authors such as Byron Katie are coming to Europe from the US, so I put this idea onto hold for a while.

Byron Katie is well known for her method “The Work” which is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause pain and resentment.

This method is popular in the coaching scene and many coaches use it and adapt it according to their own coaching style in order to to help clients shift to different perspectives.Obviously this is not easy if you’re in a lot of pain and are suffering. But that’s where we as a coach help the client to let go of unhealthy thoughts and make the client realize, that they are not a victim of suffering and pain. We can all choose freedom over pain.

It was truly inspiring to watch her on stage, how she deals with many different kinds of problems. I’m truly thankful for having this opportunity and I can really recommend other coaches to see this in person. It’s one of the most amazing things to see how a client, who was deeply devastated over years, blooms up and experiences freedom and starts laughing and laughing and laughing. 

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