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How our brain gets affected by negative people

There are always these kind of people, who will bother you with all sorts of problems, which are in reality no real problems. It’s so tempting to get upset about things: there is always a topic to talk about and family, friends and coworkers will give you attention and compassion. It’s so easy to get entangled in all of this. Why do not spend time talking about goals and dreams, or have a dialogue on how to make the world a better place?
Instead we’re talking about problems. How unfair our boss is, how annoying our job is or how stupid our colleagues are. And if there are no current problems, we’re unhappy with the situation in general. The whole world is treating us badly. Why are people so competitive in a sense of: the person who has the worst life is the winner? This is not a goal you really want to achieve.

Neuroscientists have found out that we bring ourselves into physical danger if we are surrounded by negative people. How that?

Stress doesn’t only harm us mentally, indeed it also causes a lot of other problems to our body. If we are stressed, our heart beats faster, which can lead in the long run to stroke and a heart attack. Our digestion suffers, which can cause stomach ulcers, we become more easily adipose, pimples occur and we suffer hair loss. Additionally we tend to become  easily irritable and can blow up easily. The triggered emotions make us feel bad and causes even more stress. A vicious circle.

Our short term memory is also effected, as we’re not focused and present, and its more difficult to find solutions as our mind is busy with our worries.

Another really important thing is to realize, that not only our own worries make us sick. Humans tend to imitate other humans in order to resonate on an unconscious level. You adopt the face, gestures, your voice and body posture of others. Have you ever wondered how family members, colleagues or friends can bring you down that easily? That’s the reason. So if your team member tries to bring you down (on an unconscious level), be present and try to realize what is happening. Try to build up a shield and tell yourself that that negative energy, perception and opinion belongs to that person and not to you. 

If family members or friends are trapped in a negative space: the only way you can get them out of the negativity, is to ask them HOW they want to solve the problem. Don’t forget though that you should lead by example and not suck out the energy of other people. It’s easy to get trapped as it feels so good to be taken care of by others, but there are other more healthy ways to get care and attention.

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