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Top 5 Benefits of Mentoring

The most successful people have had Mentors. Steve Jobs, Marc Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, you name it. No matter if you just started your career or if you are a sought after talent, you can always gain when having a Mentor. Your Mentor will guide and challenge you at the same time and will shape your way of thinking. Keep reading to find out, how to benefit most from having a Mentor.

1) Meet regularly
Instead of only meeting in a formal setting, why not meet in a comfy atmosphere for a change.
Before meeting prepare well and think of goals you would like to achieve and be opened to goals your Mentor might come up with for you. This will help to make the strategic weekly or monthly meeting to an update session where you can discuss the updates and conclusions. After achieving the set goal, you should set a new goal which will help you to grow, learn and achieve on a continuous basis.

2) Keep an eye on what your Mentor is working on
Show interest on what your Mentor is currently working on. Maybe he or she is working on a strategy or working on a presentation where you could offer help. You will be able to support your Mentor and learn a lot. Plus spending more time with your Mentor will help you bond and you can create an even better relationship. Please always remember that a mentorship is not a one-way street.

3)  View from a distance
Your chosen Mentor can be really good but might know all answers to your questions. It might be useful to search for additional support or even have another Mentor at the same time.

4) Don’t imitate your Mentor
Your Mentor wants to help you to be successful in your personal life and your career. You can learn from him/her, but don’t be a simple copy. Create your own ideas and perspectives.

5) Say good bye
There is always a time to say good bye. Once there is nothing more you can learn from your Mentor, it is time to move on. This is a good thing as this means, you both have been successful and it’s important to continue growing and evolving. This does not mean that you can’t contact him or her, when you need an advice or guidance.

Watch this video in order to find out how to find a great Mentor:

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